Çerez Örnek

4 Makam 24 Etudes for the Visually Impaired

The aim of the proposed project is to enable visually impaired students to gain verbal deciphering skills in the field of traditional Turkish art music. Our research shows that no study has been conducted to date in the field of gaining verbal deciphering skills for visually impaired people. Both conservatory students and visually impaired people who are interested in traditional Turkish art music, either professionally or as amateurs, clearly express the lack of materials. With this project, in addition to improving the deciphering ability of visually impaired people who can use Braille notation, it is aimed to help them comprehend the maqams of Sabâ, Bestenigâr, Dügâh and Şevkefzâ, which are among the maqams that today's performers perform fewer works in terms of both the number of works and the number of works compared to other maqams, and to support their concerns about deciphering with the usûl-song association. It is important that the etude book, which was prepared with the reasoning that improving the deciphering ability can only be achieved by practicing the etudes created in the relevant makam, is also presented to visually impaired people with Braille notation.
You can download the project file here. 4 MAKAMS 24 ETUDES

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