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State Conservatory of Turkish Music


The Turkish Folk Dances Department that started education in 1989 under the guidance of Assist. Prof. Cengiz Aydın aims to train competent educators, scholars and artists who will transmit the traditional folk dances from one generation to the other through scientific methods.

The department has a young and dynamic academic staff of 5 faculty members and 14 lecturers who are each experts in their own fields. There are  two main programmes as Training and Performance in the department. While there are theoretical courses in the Training Programme, there is a curriculum based on stage performances in Performance Programme. In the department, there is a curricula of 4 years_ the first 2 years for associate’s and the other 2 for bachelor’s degrees.

Next to being independent artists, the graduates can be employed as dancers in private companies, music and folk dances trainers in state school, private schools or public education centers, scholars at the universities or researchers at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The documents and data obtained through the ethnographic field researches and folk dances collections which create the basis of education and staging works of the department are archived in the department and benefitted in during the educational activities.


The department has many applied projects like Ekin, in which Ekin Ensemble stages productions under the guidance of the scholars who are experts in dance, choreography, music, theatre, costumes and make-up. These shows with around 80 students are also produced in VCD format to be presented to public.

The ensemble has also represented Ege University in many national and international festivals and got various world first prize awards in prestigious competitions like Altın Balta and Altın Çan in 1990, Dijon Festival in 2001 and finally Chain Bridge International Folk Dance Competition in Budapest in 2014.