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State Conservatory of Turkish Music



Ege University State Conservatory of Turkish Music is the second academic institution that has been established to give Turkish music education. The academic staff that consisted of the leading artists of the day had an immense contribution to the foundation phase between March 28, 1984 and October 15, 1984.

Ege University State Conservatory of Turkish Music started serving with “Basic Music Sciences” department in the academic year of 1984-85. Departments of “Voice Training”, “Turkish Folk Dances” and “Instrument Making” were established  in 1989-1990 giving the conservatory its current four departments structure.

Since its foundation, in accordance with its objectives, Ege University State Conservatory of Turkish Music has trained competent educators, scholars and artists who will transmit the values belonging to traditional music, dance and instrument culture from one generation to the other through scientific methods.

The graduates can be employed as instrument players or chorists in State Classical Turkish Music and Folk Music Choires, music teachers and folk dances trainers in state schools, private schools or public education centers with the additional teacher training certificate, scholars at the universities, researchers at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism or producers and performers in TRT.

 Currently, the conservatory continues giving high level of education with an academic staff of 115 teachers 14 of whom are faculty members, 71 tenure-track lecturers and 30 guest lecturers in a physical structure with 17 classrooms, an Activity Hall, a Recording Studio, a Traditional Costume Studio, an Audio-Visual Center and Library, 2 Dance and Rhythm Halls, a Computer Laboratory, 3 Instrument Making Ateliers and an Instrument Sale Office all with modern technical equipment.