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State Conservatory of Turkish Music


The Voice Training Department that was established in order to train voice performers in the fields of Turkish Folk Music and Turkish Art Music in 1989-90 Academic Year.  During four years of bachelor’s education, the department aims at introducing and transmitting the examples of our vocal repertoire chosen according to  eras, composition and singing techniques, local dialects and performance styles to the musicians of the young generation. Next to the advantages of the global era, in the 21st century, a time when traditional cultures are vulnerable to change and faced with drifting apart from originality, one of the main aims of the Voice Training Department is to sustain and promote our traditional music culture in internationally and transmit it to the younger generations.

Akın Özkan, who enriched Turkish Art Music repertory with his many vocal and instrumental works next to the makams and usûls that he composed, had been the head of the department until 1998-99 Academic Year. Akın Özkan, who had left his mark in Turkish Music History, passed away in 2007.


In the Voice Training Department, ‘Turkish Music Solfege and Theory, Western Music Solfege and Theory, Voice Technique and Instrument Training’ courses in order to provide the students with basic musical skills from the beginning of the first year. There are also courses as Repertory, Style and Repertory, Group Performance (Turkish Folk Music / Art Music), Turkish Folk Music Theory, Folklore, Music History, Turkish Music Genres and Their Analysis, Harmony and Piano.

There is a curricula of 4 years_ the first 2 years for associate’s and the other 2 for bachelor’s degrees_ in the department. Since its foundation, about 300 students has graduated from the department and while some of them has become music teachers, soloists/chorists in State Turkish Music Ensembles, there are others who serve as research assistants, lecturers or instructors in different universities.