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Instrument Making and Repairing Department

Musical Instrument Making and Repairing Department was established in 1989 under the title Instrument Making Department. The department’s aims are to construct and improve the musical instruments which are a part of Turkish traditional handcrafts and Turkish culture in a scientific environment and to transfer it to next generations using the right methods and principles in a real sense of art.

The instrument making is an important branch of art that has become a tradition with major schools. In our country the art of instrument making has a relatively recent history. The aim of the department is to make the art of instrument making gain its place next to the world schools  by providing a scholarly view to this branch of art.

There are two main programmes in the department as Bowed Stringed Instruments and Plucked Stringed Instruments. There is a curricula of four years in the department where 12 students are accepted each year.

The students who successfully accomplish the four year-education are titled  as Musical Instrument Maker (Luthier). The instrument making department which has a recent history in our country hasn’t been able to create its own background when academic staff is considered. So, we are training new research assistants in order to perform scientific projects. In their scholarly pursuits, these assistants are led to different disciplines Leather Engineering, Material Engineering, Mathematics, Physic-Acoustics, Wood Engineering, Machine Engineering and Turkish Art, some of which are directly related to instrument making and some not.

The most significant feature of the department is that the students learn while producing. The department attracts attention and takes place in the national press both with the instruments produced and the novel design projects. Thanks to the musical education given in addition to instrument making education, this program trains instrument makers who are also musicians. Instruments like the violin, guitar, kanun, bağlama, ud, klasik kemençe, tanbur, kabak kemane, kopuz and bendir are produced in the instrument making atelier. These instruments produced during the academic year are put up for sale at the end of the year and this makes it possible to reach the traditional instruments as similar to their authentic forms and timbres as possible to the people who are interested in them. Next to the formal education the Instrument Making Department is about the realize the project of creating a hobby workshop intended for the stuff and students of Ege University with its motto “make your own instrument”.


The admission examinations of the Instrument Making and Repairing Department consist of two levels. In the first level exam; musical abilities and vocal performance capacities of the candiadates are determined by their ability to repeat the pitches, intervals and melodies played by the tanbur/bağlama and the piano, perform the given rhythmic patterns. The second level exam is held in three stages: manual skills, visual perception (sight drawing) and interview. LYS score is added to the total score obtained at these levels and the placement score of the candidate is determined.

                                                                     DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATION

Assoc. Prof. Ali Maruf ALASKAN (PhD)                                                                         Lecturer  Atakan DELİGÖZ, (PhD)

Head of Department                                                                                    Head of Bowed Stringed Instruments Making Program


Head of Plucked Stringed Instruments Making Program



Co-head of Department    




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