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State Conservatory of Turkish Music

ıssue 11


The Concept of Genre in Music: A New Model Suggestion for the Classification of Music Genres / İlhan ERSOY

“Secret” Fact as an Authenticity Marker for the Cremonese Violin Maker Identity / Murat KÜÇÜKEBE

A Study of Virtual Ethnography: Cajón / Onurcan KAYA

A Comparison on Sonic Features in Terms of Raw Material and Processing Methods of Ceramic Percussion Instruments Made From Avanos & Menemen Region Clays / A. Maruf ALASKAN, Zafer BAYKAL 

Different Methods and Techniques in Piano Teaching  / S. Aslı GEDİKLİ-YILMAZÇETİN 

“Kanun” in the Context of Instrument Training and Pedagogy Courses in the Undergraduate Program of Music Education / Muattar Demet DOĞRUÖZ 

Istanbul Lute (Politiko Laouto) and its Influences on the Oud Style of Yorgo Bacanos / Enver Mete ASLAN 

A Composer Three City: Tanburi Ali Efendi / S. Bahadır TUTU 

Çamdibi Musician Coffeehouse and the Practice of “Arefe Çalgısı” on the Axis of Place, Music and Identity Relationship / Hande DEVRİM KÜÇÜKEBE 

Function of Music in Conveying the Alevi / Bektashi Culture: Gaziantep - Düztepe Cemevi Case  Özgüç Acun ARSLAN 

The Graduate Theses in the context of Music Bibliography Made between the Years 2000-2017 and their Methods / Almila TUNA 

A Proposal of Creating Body Awareness Using Zeybek Dance Principles in Acting Training / Sema ERKAN