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State Conservatory of Turkish Music

Department Of Traditional Turkish Music Fundamentals

It is the first department of the Ege University State Conservatory of Traditional Turkish Music It started education with 50 students in October 15, 1984. There are two main programs in the department as Turkish Art Music and Turkish Folk Music. In the department where approximately 380 students are being instructed by 44 lecturers, there is a curriculum of 4 years the first 2 years for associates and the other 2 for bachelors degrees.

The Department of Traditional Turkish Music Fundamentals aims at educating competent researchers, scholars, artists and educators so as to introduce and transmit Turkish Music to the next generations.

Various scholarly and artistic activities are undertaken in order to fulfill this aim.  These scholarly projects aim at creating new methods for Turkish Music education, bringing the historical resources of Turkish Music into daylight and supporting the improvement of Turkish Music in every aspect. Within this context, Traditional Turkish Music Fundamentals is also one of the departments with the maximum number of publications among the music departments in Turkey.

Throughout the year, the students of the department make some performances in the conservatory under the guidance of their instructors. Apart from these, our lecturers having both scholarly and artistic identities make performances in Turkey and abroad and also participate in various activities.

The courses like Turkish Music Solfeges and Theory, Basics of Muisc Solfeges and Theory, Piano, Voice Training, Instrument Training, Notation Practices on Computer, Principles of Ataturk and Recent Turkish History, Foreign Language, Transition into University Life are given during the first year of the four year curriculum, then theoretical and practical courses are given to the students according to the program that he/she is in.